Non-profit organizations sometimes think of themselves as distinct from their profit-driven counterparts. And, in many ways, a humanitarian focused initiative is a vastly different organization than a profit-driven business, with distinct considerations and needs.  One way that the two are similar, however, is the growing......

Cybersecurity Weekly

1. How To Prepare For New SEC Cybersecurity Disclosure Requirements 2. Zero-Trust Has Changed Cybersecurity Forever......


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Cybersecurity Webinar: 7/7/22



Altourage is a group of dedicated IT engineers, customer success experts and support staff with a shared love of technology and the ways it can help small and mid-sized companies better serve their customers and clients. Our ‘remote first’ philosophy prioritizes efficiency and value over traditional ideas of what a Managed Service provider ‘should be.’ Led by our corporate values of openness, collaboration, passion and boldness, we actively seek out those who share our commitment to service above all else.


If this sounds like a good fit for you, we are regularly reviewing resumes for positions including:


– NOC Analyst
– SOC Analyst
– Service Desk Analyst
– Systems Administrator
– Technical Engineer Manager
– Internal IT Manager


Fee free to send us an email with your resume and information about your experience and ideal job opportunity.