Our Approach


Facing a rapidly changing business landscape, it isn’t hard to understand why company leaders feel overwhelmed by technology. Endless cloud options, a new workplace, evolving customer demands, cybersecurity threats, and emerging technologies make it difficult to feel confident that your IT ecosystem is where it needs to be.

At Altourage, we see things a little differently.

We see technology as a toolkit to accomplish your business goals in the most efficient way possible. Rather than technology driving business processes, we believe that the vision for your company should drive where and how technology is incorporated into your organization.

We begin our engagements with a clear understanding of your organization, your challenges, and your goals. We can then present a comprehensive technological solution, choosing the tools and building the processes that will get you there.


True service comes not just in delivering short-term fixes, but in creating long-term opportunities. And, while there are many times when a client simply needs a password reset, being a real partner with our clients means always asking ourselves “How can we help you do this better?”

To support this vision, our teams understand that their job is to focus on solving business problems in the most productive way possible. We encourage our clients to proactively book time with their client success manager to brainstorm and to let us envision new ways of solving problems.

From our 24x7x365 helpdesk and security operations center, to our dedicated project managers, technology engineers, and client success professionals, the Altourage team is focused on one thing; making our clients feel that they have a real technology partner standing beside them, helping them to surpass even their own expectations of what is possible.


Every member of the Altourage team is excited by the idea that the right technology solutions can propel a business ahead of its competition. We recognize that our role is often to spark the imagination of our clients, so they too can feel the excitement for what is possible. And so, we ask our clients to imagine along with us….

Imagine feeling confident in a partnership that understands you and has your back. 

Imagine getting everything you want from your technology. 

Imagine leading your industry through innovation. 

Imagine business processes with no limitations. 

Imagine success. 

Our Values


We are flexible, transparent, and creative in our approach to our work. We possess a genuine interest in new ideas and points of view.


Whether working with clients or each other, we are respectful, team-based, communicative, honest, and direct.


We are always looking to learn new things, and get better at what we do for our clients and for ourselves.


We are innovative. We are forward-looking. We are willing to take risks, learn from our mistakes and enjoy our successes.

Our Leadership Team

Rafi Kronzon

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Understanding the opportunity to bring a focus on customer service to the MSP space, Rafi steers the vision and growth of Altourage. With a background in computer science and business, he previously founded both an interactive agency and a financial applications company. In his somewhat limited downtime, Rafi enjoys his family, the outdoors, a round of golf, and a nice bottle of red wine.

Karl Nelson

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Fusing an engineering background and significant IT experience with his entrepreneurial spirit, Karl co-founded Altourage with a vision of helping clients grow their businesses by blending technology expertise with a hyper-dedication to service. Away from work, Karl enjoys an active life with his family, including scuba diving, snowboarding, or simply biking around Prospect Park.

Josh Feder

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After earning his M.A. in Secondary Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Josh gravitated to a career in tech consulting. As COO, Josh is responsible for all of Altourage’s client services, ensuring that every client gets exceptional support at all times, regardless of size. When not on the job, Josh enjoys golf, French crullers, good food and great wine.

Kenny Diaz

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As CISO, Kenny leads a team of Altourage engineers, who pride themselves on understanding business needs and challenges from the customer’s perspective.  Insatiably curious, Kenny is continually advancing his domain expertise by studying advancements in computer science and cybersecurity for the sheer joy of it.

Jerome Blanco
GM, Asia

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With a strong IT background, Jerome joined Altourage in 2010 and was tasked with building and leading the company’s international support footprint. That international team is now made up of more than 30 System Engineers, NOC Analysts and Client Service experts, allowing Altourage to offer true 24/7/365 personal attention to all of its clients.

Matt Kull
Director of Support

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Shortly after receiving a Game Boy Color for Christmas one year, Matt dedicated himself to computers and technology.  14 years later, he graduated from Penn State with a B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology. As Director of Support, Matt ensures that every Altourage client feels like our most important client.

Roosevelt Marthel
Director of Technology

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Roosevelt graduated from Alfred State College with a BA in Network Administration and a focus on Network Security. Incredibly thoughtful and tenacious, Roosevelt solves some of the hairiest technical challenges in a spirit of humility and has earned a solid reputation for staying calm when workloads (and tensions) run high.

Art Esquivel
Director of Projects

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With over 20 years of experience in IT and a fascination with technology since his youth, Art’s mission is to ensure that Altourage’s project team delivers exceptional quality and trusted service to the company’s clients. Art enjoys working in a collaborative, team-oriented environment where he can utilize his problem solving and team management skills.

Allison Gorman
Finance & HR Manager

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After studying journalism and communication at SFSU, Allison pivoted towards a career in SMB finance and HR. She has been with Altourage for more than 10 years and has played a large role in the company’s growth and evolution. When not in the office, she enjoys traveling and cooking.

David Shay
Director of Marketing

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Having spent many years in the online advertising space, David is thrilled to be working in the much more civilized world of technology-as-a-service. He is gratified to help this terrific Altourage team introduce its unique client-first approach to the tech world, and to position it head-and-shoulders above others in the MSP space.

Our Locations

New York

158 West 29th St
4th Floor
New York, NY 10001 USA


138 Robinson Road

28-04 Oxley Tower

Singapore 068906


UB 111 Paseo de Roxas

Legazpi Village

Makati City, Metro Manila