Nonprofits, like other organizations, face the challenges that our digital world brings; a remote workforce, cybersecurity threats, data sprawl, and increasing application complexity.

At the same time, nonprofits are often constrained by a technology budget and driven by a strong moral compass to align partners and vendors with their mission and culture.

We’ve always had a special place in our hearts for our nonprofit clients. That is why we have developed specific plans for you. Whether it’s software selection, equipment procurement, or industry-appropriate cybersecurity, our nonprofit team knows how to balance great service with value. All with the goal of empowering you in the pursuit of your mission.


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Industry Challenges:

  • Balancing technology priorities and budget 
  • Protecting donor information 
  • Collaborating with vendors and partners 
  • Increase in remote work 

Solution Highlights:

  • Nonprofit Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace deployments 
  • Complete industry-appropriate cybersecurity 
  • Managed communication and collaboration tools  
  • Cloud migration and remote work solutions 


  • Places Of Worship
  • Cultural Centers
  • Social Movements
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Arts Programs

Support                Services

We understand that technology may not be your ‘thing.’ Our support team is ready to help you get back to helping people by making your IT better.


Cloud & Infrastructure Management

Efficiency, simplicity, and security are all keys to your organization’s success. We will create a secure solution that gives you easy access to the documents and data you need, while preventing data sprawl and redundancy. 


You handle personal information from supporters and donors while board members need secure access to sensitive financial information. Our cybersecurity team understands your challenges and we’ve got you covered. 

Business Transformation

Your mission guides your progress, but it’s not always easy to know where the road will take us. We are experts in helping nonprofits set up technology ecosystems designed to grow and evolve with you. 


Case Studies

Operating as a 501c3 and located on property owned by the City of New York, Queens Botanical Garden is an urban oasis where people, plants and cultures are celebrated through inspiring gardens, innovative educational programs and real-world applications of environmental stewardship. 


Altourage handles most aspects of QBG’s IT and technology needs, including email systems, endpoint management, and cybersecurity with a focus on removing all hurdles that would keep the management teams from smoothly running a facility that gives so much back to the people of NYC. 


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