Few areas in the information technology space draw as much focus and concern as cybersecurity, and rightly so. Threats that were once the concern of governments and enterprises now frequently target small and midsized business. In addition, cybersecurity requirements from clients, partners, investors, insurers, and regulators continue to grow. 

Our cybersecurity team delivers complete protection across endpoints, servers, networks and cloud platforms. Employing industry-leading next-gen firewalls and antivirus protection, intelligent web filtering, data-loss prevention tools, threat intelligence, and training and testing tools, our NIST-based, data-centric approach to cybersecurity ensures your people, data, and customers remain as safe as possible. 

Endpoint Security

The zero trust architecture, in which networks are considered inherently insecure so that identity and endpoints are always secured is the ideal model for most SMBs. 


Our expertise in designing, maintaining, and supporting zero trust deployments means your team is ready to work securely from anywhere in the world. 


  • Advanced identity management 
  • Managed detection & response (MDR) 
  • Mobile device management (MDM) 
  • User testing and training 

Cloud Platform & SaaS Security

Protecting your sensitive data, whether in emails, files, SaaS applications, or databases, is the purpose of cybersecurity. Our team matches the right set of best-of-breed tools for your industry’s requirements. Periodic testing and risk evaluation ensure continued protection. 


  • SaaS platform and application Hardening 
  • Managed data loss prevention (DLP) 
  • SIEM Services 

Server & Network Protection

Keeping your servers and networks protected is a foundational component of any security framework. It all starts with the proper architecture and a relentless effort to update, patch, monitor and respond to the ever-changing landscape of threats. 


  • Server, firewalls and network hardening 
  • Vulnerability and dark web scans  
  • 24x7x365 Security operations center (SOC) 
  • Incident response & containment 

Regulatory & Compliance

From hedge funds to law firms, FINRA to the ABA, most organizations now face a landscape of cybersecurity rules and regulations designed to keep its customers’ data safe. Our cybersecurity team works with you to ensure compliance, including industry-specific documentation, DDQs, training and testing. 


  • Security documentation & monthly reporting 
  • Industry-specific compliance solutions 
  • Penetration testing 
  • Virtual CISO