Support Services

At its core, the value of technology is in fostering productivity. Many companies, however, find that implementing a technology ecosystem without offering easily accessible support to their teams can itself create inefficiency and wasted time. This tension can limit teams from employing the cutting-edge tools and processes that would otherwise allow them to realize their ultimate potential.

Altourage’s comprehensive support services integrate seamlessly into your workflow – removing hurdles, empowering your team to maximize efficiency, and creating opportunities for success.

Help Desk

From simple requests to complex issues, our help desk team is always available and always happy to hear from you. Whether you choose to call, email, IM, or use our custom portal, your dedicated technology team will respond quickly and get you back to work. 


  • Omnichannel help desk (24x7x365) 
  • Dedicated technology team 
  • User onboarding & offboarding 
  • Remote & onsite support 

IT Asset Management

In a distributed world, managing workstations, laptops and mobile devices has become both complex and critical to efficiency and cybersecurity. From procurement to protection, our support team makes managing your workforce easy. 


  • Device procurement, preparation, and repair management 
  • Comprehensive endpoint patching and protection  
  • Inventory & license management 
  • Mobile Device Management