Altourage is a Managed Service Provider (MSP), offering device management services, including: Endpoint, Firewall, Mobile Device and Inventory Management. Our proactive device management strategies, empower our clients to maintain productivity efficiency and cyber security while using any device.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint management is the process of maintaining and securing business devices by continuously monitoring for anomalous activity. Using next gen antivirus and response tools. Our security operations team is ready to detect and isolate infected end points before damage can spread.

Coud Firewall

In a distributed world. Internet protection includes securing endpoint traffic in offices, homes and coffee shops using real time threat intelligence. Our cloud firewalls filter traffic, secure sensitive information and allow your people to safely work from anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Device Management

You want to give your people access to applications and data on all devices. They may use not just company owned workstations to keep your data secure on employees mobile devices. Our team deploys modern MDM solutions that both protect your applications and data and your employees privacy.

Inventory Reporting

Maintaining device assignments and availability can be challenging. Even for the smallest organizations through our remote management, MDM tools and advanced reporting capabilities, we can audit your inventory to help you keep costs in check while staying ahead of the curve.

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