Cybersecurity Weekly 4.25.22

Security Digest – 4.25.22

Demystify the Cybersecurity Risk Management Process 

“Cybersecurity risk management is identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks to an organization’s electronic information and systems. It includes the implementation of security controls to protect against cyber threats. The goal of cybersecurity risk management is to reduce the probability and impact of cyberattacks. It is a continuous process that should be adapted as the threats develop.” READ MORE 

How COVID and Web3 Have Changed Cybersecurity 

“At a recent event on hybrid cloud sponsored by Fast Company and IBM, cybersecurity experts convened for a virtual panel titled “Privacy Anywhere, Security Everywhere.” Here are four takeaways from their discussion…” READ MORE 

T-Mobile Admits Lapsus$ Hackers Gained Access to its Internal Tools and Source Code 

“T-Mobile, in a statement, said that the incident occurred ‘several weeks ago,’ with the ‘bad actor’ using stolen credentials to access ‘internal systems.’ The systems accessed contained no customer or government information or other similarly sensitive information, and we have no evidence that the intruder was able to obtain anything of value,’ it added.” READ MORE 

This Sneaky Phishing Attack Tries to Steal Your Facebook Password 

“As part of the fake appeals process, the user is asked to provide sensitive information, including their name and email address. Before submitting the form, the user is also asked to enter their Facebook password.” READ MORE 

Phishing Emails Targeting LinkedIn Accounts Are On The Rise. Here’s What to Watch Out For 

“The phishing emails are designed to look like they come from LinkedIn, but if the recipient clicks the link, they’re sent to a login page designed to look like LinkedIn, and if they enter their email address and password, they’ll be handing them to the attacker, who can use that information to log in to the victim’s LinkedIn account.” READ MORE