Cybersecurity Weekly: 9.8.23

This week’s top picks in Cybersecurity-focused headlines…

Identity Access Management (IAM), Cloud Security To Drive New Cybersecurity Spending

“Budget expansions are widely anticipated in two categories. The first is IAM (46%), encompassing identity governance and administration (IGA), privileged access management (PAM), authentication, and machine identity management… he second is cloud security (46%), encompassing cloud native application platforms (CNAPP), cloud security posture management (CSPM), cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP), and cloud detection and response (CDR).”


How New SEC Rules Can Benefit Cybersecurity Teams

“Under the updated regulations, the latest revision to Form 8-K emphasizes the importance of collaboration between a company’s internal and external stakeholders. This amendment requires the prompt disclosure of “material cybersecurity incidents” through Form 8-K submissions within four days of the company’s determination that the incident is indeed material.”


Cybersecurity Labels Are Coming To Smart Devices — Will You Pay More For Peace Of Mind?

“The upside for tech companies opting into this program is evident. A fresh U.S. consumer survey reveals a willingness among buyers to pay a marked-up price for devices that assure data privacy and security before purchase. Researchers warn, though, that this voluntary labeling might not suffice for lasting consumer protection.”


Why Consumer Drones Represent A Special Cybersecurity Risk

To pick one random, specific example, a cyber attacker could sit in the corner of an office parking lot to track an employee. Using an under-$700 DJI Mini 3 Pro (too light to require registration and folds up to fit into a pocket), the hacker could select the employee’s car and press a single on-screen button to lock on. As the employee drives away, the drone automatically follows and tracks the employee’s car while shooting 4k video as far away as seven miles. Once the employee arrives home, the drone could land on the roof and begin hacking the home network used by the employee’s home office. From there, the attack possibilities are obvious.


Breaking New Ground: Understanding California’s Draft AI, Privacy, and Cybersecurity Regulations

“If implemented, these draft regulations could impose substantial compliance obligations on covered businesses, especially those leveraging advanced technologies like AI and automated decision-making. Not only would there be the requirement for regular cybersecurity audits, but businesses would also need to document comprehensive risk assessments for any innovative data processing techniques. These responsibilities may entail considerable costs and could potentially delay the adoption of transformative technologies.”


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Few areas in the information technology space draw as much focus and concern as cybersecurity, and rightly so. Threats that were once the concern of governments and enterprises now frequently target small and midsized business. In addition, cybersecurity requirements from clients, partners, investors, insurers, and regulators continue to grow. 

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