Cybersecurity Weekly: 7.5.22

Ignoring Cybersecurity Can Sour M&A Deals 

“Similar to financial debt and liabilities, when an acquirer buys a company, they are essentially assuming all cyber vulnerabilities and the entire risk profile of the business. A single miscalculation or underestimation of cyber risk can lead to severe consequences like erosion of share price, loss of reputation and exposure to lawsuits and investigations.” READ MORE

These Are The Cybersecurity Threats of Tomorrow That You Should Be Thinking About Today 

“The rise of quantum computing, deepfakes, the Internet of Things and more are among the things that could create very real challenges for cybersecurity going forwards.” RED MORE

CISO Priorities For The Second Half of 2022 

“Sometimes sticking to the basics is the best approach. That’s what CISOs say they will focus on as their priorities in the second half of 2022…” READ MORE

Ukrainian Authorities Arrested Phishing Gang That Stole 100 Million UAH 

“The malicious landing pages, which were designed to siphon people’s banking information, operated under the guise of surveys designed to fill up an application for payment of financial assistance from E.U. countries, underscoring the opportunistic nature of the social engineering attack.” READ MORE

New Phishing Attack Uses Facebook Messenger Chatbots And Impersonates Platform’s Support Team 

“At first, users will receive an email that informs them how their page was recently violated and hence is against the app’s community guidelines. They will then be given just 2 days to generate an appeal or face the consequences which in this case is page deletion.” READ MORE