Cybersecurity Weekly: 7.15.22

The Top 3 AI Myths in Cybersecurity 

“AI is supposed to be a force multiplier for cybersecurity teams desperately working to catch up to savvy malicious actors, talent shortages, and more. However, not all AI is that intelligent, and that’s even before we account for mismatches in needs and capabilities.” READ MORE

Why Employees Violate Cybersecurity Policies 

“For employers, creating a strong cybersecurity culture in their workplaces has been a major concern for years, mainly because their focus was more on punishing employees who breach policies rather than helping them stay compliant with the rules. Based on the research mentioned [in this article], we’ve developed three recommended approaches that managers can deploy to build their culture and tackle this situation.” READ MORE

Why the Financial Services Industry Needs To Take Cybersecurity More Seriously 

“The financial services space continues to face an unparalleled threat that is exacerbated by cybersecurity issues. While this trend is nothing new, the complexity of these threats and stakes have never been higher, necessitating a more concerted approach in what is an adapt-or-die industry.” READ MORE

Marriott Suffers At Least Its Seventh Data Breach Since 2010 

“The company said hackers used social engineering techniques to gain access to an employee’s computer. After obtaining around 20GB of data, the person or group behind the attack tried to extort Marriott, but the company refused to pay up.” READ MORE

Cybersecurity, Data Protection And Inadequate IT Budgets Are Top of Mind For IT Professionals 

“Around 42% of respondents cited an increase in their IT budgets for 2022. Only 10% of respondents said their budget decreased this year while about 34% of the respondents anticipate their budget will remain the same. The data strongly suggests businesses are spending more money upgrading and strengthening their IT infrastructure, the report said.” READ MORE