Cybersecurity Weekly: 6.28.22

Gartner: 8 Ways Cybersecurity Will Change Companies 

“Gartner recently released its annual “Top Eight Cybersecurity Predictions for 2022-23,” based on its monitoring of security-related trends impacting institutions and people around the world.” READ MORE

Cybersecurity And The Metaverse: Identifying The Weak Spots 

“Experts predict that the metaverse is going to amplify the cybersecurity challenges that already exist online today while introducing a host of new ones, both those that we can predict as well as those we cannot as of yet.”READ MORE

Cybersecurity And Data Privacy: 7 Challenges For CFOs To Address 

“The chief information security officer (CISO), chief information officer (CIO) and data privacy officer are responsible for developing and executing the organization’s information security and data privacy programs. Yet, the CFO’s input and involvement has a growing influence on the value contributed of these efforts and ensuring these capabilities align with the business strategy.” READ MORE

The Psychology of Phishing Attacks 

“Organizations that are successful in discussing cybersecurity make the topic relatable and approachable for all employees. To facilitate open dialogue, organizations should employ a defense-in-depth strategy; this is a combination of technical and non-technical controls that reduce, mitigate and respond to cybersecurity threats.”  READ MORE

Whaling Phishing Attacks: A Complete Guide 

“Even though whaling sounds like phishing, there are some critical differences between them. Phishing isn’t a targeted campaign. It casts a wider net, often spamming entire mailing lists with the same email. Even if only a fraction of the recipients falls for the scam, it is deemed successful. On the other hand, whaling is a laser-focused spear-phishing campaign that only intends to target senior employees in an organization.” READ MORE