Cybersecurity Weekly 5.24.22

Top 10 Cybersecurity Journalists and Reporters to Follow on Twitter

“We love keeping you updated on cybersecurity news, but if you’d like to start ‘tuning in’ a bit more on your own, here is a great list of twitter streams of 10 journalists that cover the space. Whether you and/or your company is active on twitter, consider taking a look at these periodically to keep yourself ‘in the know.’” READ MORE 

Personal Liability for Directors Who Disregard Cybersecurity 

“In recent months, a trend has begun to emerge among plaintiffs’ lawyers seeking to file cybersecurity incident-related shareholder derivative lawsuits – attorneys are increasingly now filing claims specifically based on failures surrounding duty of oversight. In November of 2021, a shareholder derivative lawsuit was filed against T-Mobile USA’s board of directors, pointing to a lack of monitoring and acting upon obvious red flags. Kevin M. Lacroix excellently outlines this trend in The D&O Diary. Directors should take notice.” READ MORE 

Cybersecurity Researchers Issue Warning About a Phishing Campaign Designed to Look Like It Comes From a Trusted Source. 

“The campaign allows cyber criminals to steal usernames, passwords and other sensitive information, including bank details. BitRAT is particularly dangerous to victims, because it can take full control of infected Windows systems, complete with the ability to view webcam activity, listen to audio through the microphone, secretly mine for cryptocurrency that goes into a wallet owned by the attackers and download additional malicious files.” READ MORE 

5 Easy Ways to Spot a Phishing Email 

“Phishing happens when a hacker, pretending to be someone familiar, tricks their victim into opening an email and clicking on a malicious link. This typically leads to the victim installing malware on their device, which shuts down access to their data as part of a ransomware attack. With these type of crimes on the rise, it’s essential to know how to spot a phishing email. Here are five easy ways you can spot a threat.” READ MORE 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Communicating a Data Breach 

“According to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 Data Breach Report, data breaches rose 68% from the previous year, reaching the highest number ever reported. That said, while a cyberattack may be out of an organization’s control, one thing it can and should control is how it communicates a breach.” READ MORE