Cybersecurity Weekly 5.17.21

How Apple, Google, and Microsoft Will Kill Passwords and Phishing in One Stroke 

“For more than a decade, we’ve been promised that a world without passwords is just around the corner, and yet year after year, this security nirvana proves out of reach. Now, for the first time, a workable form of passwordless authentication is about to become available to the masses in the form of a standard adopted by Apple, Google, and Microsoft that allows for cross-platform and cross-service passkeys.” READ MORE 

Training to Beat a Bad Cybersecurity Culture 

“Cybersecurity awareness training begins with the simple premise that cybersecurity has value. And for that message to get through to users, the organization’s culture must accept that the friction cybersecurity adds to business processes is worthwhile — that the cost of cybersecurity will be an investment rather than a boondoggle.” READ MORE  

16 Effective Ways A Small Business Can Enhance Its Cybersecurity Profile 

“Regular stories of data breaches at high-profile companies have definitely raised awareness of the importance of robust cybersecurity for businesses. Ironically, though, such stories may result in a false sense of security among small-business owners who think their organization isn’t significant or large enough to be of interest to hackers.” READ MORE  

 Zero-trust architecture may hold the answer to cybersecurity insider threats 

“Today, organizations increasingly store data in the cloud and allow employees to connect to the network remotely, both of which create vulnerabilities to this traditional approach. A more secure future may require a ‘zero-trust architecture,’ in which users must prove their authenticity each time they access a network application or data. READ MORE 

U.S. Support for Connectivity and Cybersecurity in Ukraine 

“Leading up to and during Russia’s unprovoked and illegal further invasion of Ukraine, the United States is supporting Ukraine’s continued access to the Internet and to enhance Ukraine’s cyber defenses. Here is a list of steps detailed list of steps that have been taken in that vein, offered by the US State Department.” READ MORE