Cybersecurity Weekly 5.10.22

Will LinkedIn’s Rampant Phishing Scams Hamper Its Professional Credibility? 

“LinkedIn has topped the list for phishing scams in the first quarter this year, amassing over half (52%) of all phishing attempts globally during the quarter. According to the Brand Phishing Report for Q1 2022 by cyber security solutions provider Check Point Research, this is a spike from the previous quarter, which saw LinkedIn rank fifth and account for only 8% of phishing attempts.” READ MORE 

Adobe Warns of ‘Critical’ Security Flaws in Enterprise Products 

“Software maker Adobe on Tuesday shipped patches to cover at least 18 serious security defects in multiple enterprise-facing products and warned that unpatched systems are at risk of remote code execution attacks.” READ MORE 

FluBot Android Malware Targets Finland in New SMS Campaigns 

“FluBot is looking to steal financial account credentials of its victims by overlaying phishing pages on top of the legitimate banking and cryptocurrency applications. Additionally, it can access SMS data, perform phone calls, and monitor incoming notifications to snatch temporary authentication codes like one-time passwords (OTP), required besides the regular login credentials.” READ MORE  

Get Clear About Zero Trust and Get Started 

“If I could, I would rename Zero Trust. It sounds like a punishment, as if ‘we used to trust you, workers and customers, but now we don’t, and we never will.’ What might actually be a more accurate name is One-to-One security access, because it requires an organization to move away from a network-based access model to an endpoint–based access model. This model enforces tight access control for all endpoints, whether it’s a human with a device, a nonhuman thing, or an application.” READ MORE 

Surprising Cybersecurity Weak Points Business Owners Should Look Out For 

“Catching cybersecurity vulnerabilities isn’t easy. It requires an expert awareness of phishing schemes, software status, infiltration points, and offensive tools. These weaknesses threaten the integrity of data systems and can lead to devastating damage for businesses. As a business owner, look out for these threats as you develop a more modern and comprehensive approach to digital security.” READ MORE