Cybersecurity Weekly 4.5.22

Cybersecurity  Weekly Review – 4.5.22

15 Tech Leaders On The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Cybersecurity 

“Here, 15 industry experts from Forbes Technology Council discuss recent developments in industrial and business cybersecurity every organization’s leadership team should be aware of, and why they’re so important.” READ MORE.  

State Department Launches New Cybersecurity Bureau 

“The new bureau will put in place a high-ranking cyber diplomat along with other diplomatic personnel and expertise to focus on addressing cyberthreats, global internet freedom, surveillance risks and to work with US allies to set international norms and standards on emerging technology.” READ MORE 

Hackers Breached Mailchimp to Phish Cryptocurrency Wallets 

“Mailchimp, the veteran email marketing platform, has confirmed that hackers used an internal tool to steal data from more than 100 of its clients — with the data being used to mount phishing attacks on the users of cryptocurrency services.” READ MORE 

“Browser in the Browser” Attacks: A Devastating New Phishing Technique Arises 

“Browser in the browser attacks consist of simulating a browser window within the browser to spoof a legitimate domain. The attack takes advantage of third parties’ single sign-on (SSO) option, which has become increasingly common for users to log into many different websites.” READ MORE  

Google, Microsoft Aim to Make Their Cloud Environments More Secure as Cyberattacks Increase 

“All three of the biggest public cloud providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud — have made acquisitions in the cybersecurity space over the past year — and it’s quite possible others will follow as these companies look to shore up their data protection efforts.” READ MORE