Cybersecurity Weekly: 4.21.23

This week’s top picks in Cybersecurity-focused news coverage…

TikTok data Collection Could Reveal What Floor A User Is On, Cybersecurity Firm Says 

“…the [Data Audit] company had undertaken another analysis of the updated source code and discovered that in addition to latitude and longitude data from a user’s device, the app was now seeking altitude information.” READ MORE

Navigating The Future Of Cyber: Business Strategy, Cybersecurity Training, And Digital Transformation Are Key 

“According to the 2023 Deloitte Global Future of Cyber survey, in this environment, business leaders are changing how they think of cyber, and it’s emerging as a larger strategic discussion tied to an organization’s long-term success.” READ MORE

Cybersecurity Agencies Publish New Guidance On Safe Software Design: Here’s Why It Matters 

“Software should have cybersecurity protection built-in before it goes on sale. This is the core message of new guidance from cybersecurity authorities in the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand.” READ MORE

Two Fundamental Shifts In the New “National Cybersecurity Strategy” 

“In March 2023, the Office of the National Cyber Director released the public version of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which provides strategic guidance for how the U.S. should protect internet users from cyberattacks and bad actors. This new strategy highlights two fundamental shifts in how the U.S. “allocates roles, responsibilities and resources in the cyberspace,” and cybersecurity professionals have lauded it as a welcome change to previous strategies.” READ MORE

How ‘Juice Jackers’ Plant Malware On Your Phone At Airports And Hotels 

“USB charging ports are everywhere, and a seemingly handy way for travelers to keep their devices powered up. But earlier this month, the FBI warned consumers against using these charging stations in public places like airports, hotels and shopping malls.” READ MORE


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Few areas in the information technology space draw as much focus and concern as cybersecurity, and rightly so. Threats that were once the concern of governments and enterprises now frequently target small and midsized business. In addition, cybersecurity requirements from clients, partners, investors, insurers, and regulators continue to grow. 

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