Cybersecurity Weekly 3.28.22

Security Digest 3.28.22

Five Top Cybersecurity Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2022 

– Ransomware Cyberattacks  

– 5G Vulnerabilities. 

– Remote Environments And The Decentralization Of Access 

– Synthetic Identities 

– Offline Fraud


Why Cybersecurity Needs an Urgent Mind Shift 

“Now, we must fast-track a mind shift about what threat sharing really means in cyber. Signed into law this March 15, the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act requires the reporting (to CISA) of certain cyber incidents within 72 hours and/or the reporting within 24 hours of a ransomware payout. Although this law is an important milestone in recognizing the importance of threat sharing in cybersecurity, much more needs to be done.” READ MORE  

Biden Budget Requests Big Increase for Cybersecurity 

Federal civilian agencies would get $10.9 billion total for cybersecurity under the fiscal 2023 budget the Biden administration unveiled Monday, an 11% increase from the prior year, and the Defense Department would get $11.2 billion for unclassified cyber operations.” READ MORE 

These Phishing Tactics Disguised as ‘Fun’ on Social Media. Here’s What to Look For.

“Facebook quizzes and questionnaires might seem like harmless fun, but the comments sections under these posts are a goldmine of potential passwords served up buffet-style for shady cyberthieves.” READ MORE 

Why Zero Trust Must Start With Identity Security 

With identity being the new perimeter, a holistic identity security strategy that includes authenticating every identity accurately, authorizing each identity with the proper permissions and providing access for that identity to privileged assets in a structured manner – is critical for creating the foundation of trust.” READ MORE