Cybersecurity Weekly: 11.15.22

This week’s top picks in Cybersecurity-focused news coverage…

How To Report Phishing Text Messages 

“Phishing text messages are a menace, targeting vulnerable people in our society. Scammers use phishing text messages to collect personal information and use that information in nefarious ways to take control of a victim’s funds. An average smartphone user receives dozens of phishing and spam messages every day.” READ MORE

The Shifting Role of the CISO 

“Shifting from a 24/7 incident-response role to a more holistic guidance position complements a CISO’s breadth of knowledge and allows them to use their insights and experience to build new security products, rather than managing or mitigating risk.” READ MORE

Cybersecurity as a Service: What Is It? And Is It Right for Your Business? 

“Organizations that may not have prioritized security are increasingly turning to outside specialists to meet their cybersecurity needs. Some of the services CSaaS provides include threat monitoring and detection and incident response.” READ MORE

Top Cybersecurity Threats For 2023 

“Going into 2023, cybersecurity is still topping the list of CIO concerns. This comes as no surprise. In the first half of 2022, there were 2.8 billion worldwide malware attacks and 236.1 ransomware attacks. By year end 2022, it is expected that six billion phishing attacks will have been launched.” READ MORE 

Twitter, Amid Security And Compliance Officer Exodus, Could Run Afoul Of FTC Rules 

“Twitter is required, per the May FTC consent order, to conduct privacy reviews before making changes to the platform. The Twitter Blue verification product was developed and released in 10 days, leaving employees little time to conduct thorough privacy or security checks.” READ MORE




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Altourage on Cybersecurity

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