Cybersecurity Weekly: 10.20.22

What Does It Mean To ‘Invest In Cybersecurity’ In 2022 And Beyond? 

“According to a Gartner survey of Boards of Directors, 88% of respondents consider cybersecurity a business risk, and 66% intend to increase cybersecurity spending to enhance their defensive postures in the years to come.”  READ MORE

Altruism Under Attack: Why Cybersecurity Has Become Essential To Humanitarian Nonprofits 

“As for financially motivated cyberattacks that specifically target nonprofits, these are often triggered by the fact that not only do they manage large sums of donor money – which is of significant interest to cybercriminals – they also run critical services to vulnerable communities and in doing so typically manage sensitive personal data.” READ MORE 

Gen Z, Millennial Workers Are Bigger Cybersecurity Risks Than Older Employees 

“For instance, 48% of Gen Z and 39% of millennial employees confessed to being more cautious with their own devices compared to their work-issued devices; they also admitted to widely disregarding IT updates; reusing passwords for personal and professional accounts; and accepting browser cookies in far greater numbers than Gen X or baby boomer workers. READ MORE

Antony Blinken’s Silicon Valley Visit Underscores US Cybersecurity Concerns 

“Those concerns include cyber-attacks that could interfere with the voting process, including the disruption of voter registration lists or the counting of ballots, as well as coordinated disinformation campaigns like the one mounted by Russia during the 2020 presidential election.” READ MORE

The Importance Of Cybersecurity In Fueling The Electric Vehicle Revolution 

“Today, no one would own a computer without proper security because it leaves too much information vulnerable to an attack. The automotive industry needs to address the issues surrounding connected vehicles, which are equivalent to 20 computers on wheels.” READ MORE