Cybersecurity Weekly: 10.06.22

The Dread, Sincerity And Comedy of Cybersecurity Awareness Month 

“Ever since 2004, October has been Cybersecurity Awareness Month, created by the Department of Homeland Security and the nonprofit, industry-sponsored National Cybersecurity Alliance to … well … promote awareness of cybersecurity.” 

An Unlikely Cybersecurity Hero: Your Insurance Company 

“A recent report by cyber insurance provider At-Bay highlights that ransomware is the biggest digital threat to American businesses, responsible for an estimated 60% of all domestic cyber insurance claims in 2020. In the last year, the average ransom payment has nearly doubled, and the average total loss is $1.8 million for a single incident.” READ MORE

Why Human Nature Often Trumps Security 

“Indeed, recent research from Verizon found that the human element continues to drive data breaches, making up 82% of all attacks… Many organizations assume that employees break security protocols because they either have malicious intent or don’t know the rules. Carpenter suggests otherwise.”  READ MORE

Former Uber Exec Convicted In Hacking Coverup 

“A jury found Joe Sullivan guilty of obstruction of proceedings of the FTC and misprision of felony, which is taking steps to conceal a felony from authorities, on Wednesday after a four-week trial.” READ MORE 

Cybersecurity Awareness Tips From Microsoft To Empower Your Team To #BeCyberSmart 

“In today’s boundaryless workplace, comprehensive security is essential. That kind of 360-degree protection requires education and awareness to safeguard identities, data, and devices. Awareness programs help enable security teams to effectively manage their human risk by changing how people think about cybersecurity and helping them practice secure behaviors.” READ MORE