Cybersecurity Weekly: 09.21.22

Zero Trust Closes The End-User Gap In Cybersecurity

“Zero trust is front and center of all cybersecurity discussions. It’s about principles of least privilege. This means giving access only for a time, with the least amount of access. Once done with whatever job you are supposed to do, access is taken away.” READ MORE

Why The CFO Is Crucial To Your Company’s Cybersecurity 

“The CFO is a crucial cybersecurity partner because they are responsible for the financial security of an organization. By teaming up to manage increased cybersecurity risk, the CISO and CFO can more effectively measure the ROI of a security program, establish metrics and communicate with the rest of the C-suite to ensure cybersecurity spending is prioritized.” READ MORE

Behind The Priorities Of Tech And Cybersecurity Leaders 

How are senior IT leaders and cybersecurity executives responding to the rapidly-changing cybersecurity threat environment? A survey conducted of 50 industry decision-makers by Tech Monitor in partnership with Intel shows how the industry appears to be well-prepared, but with room for improvement in facilitating training for employees to respond to an increasingly fraught cyber landscape. READ MORE

Beware Of Queen Elizabeth II Phishing Scams, Warns Kaspersky 

“Cybercriminals never like to let a crisis go to waste. While people across the world are still mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, threat actors are seizing the opportunity to exploit the compassion of unsuspecting users.” READ MORE 

Morgan Stanley Pays $35 Million SEC Fine Over Data Security 

“The bank improperly disposed of thousands of devices and some were auctioned off online without checking that customer data they contained had been deleted, according to the SEC. About 15 million clients’ details were compromised over a five-year period starting 2015.” READ MORE