Cybersecurity Digest 4.18.22

Security Digest – 4.18.22

Surprising Cybersecurity Weak Points Business Owners Should Look Out For 

“From increasingly ingenious phishing schemes to breakthroughs in offensive AI, digital threats expose the weakness in our IT frameworks and data systems. Identifying these weaknesses is crucial, as 85% of IT professionals pivot toward passwordless technology. What follows are the cybersecurity vulnerabilities you should address as a business owner.” READ MORE  

Nonprofit Organizations and Data Security Incidents — How to Manage and Respond 

“With a business model that generally relies on donors, the need to protect the financial and personal information of those who contribute is critical to the nonprofit organization’s ability to earn and maintain trust, good will, and funding.” READ MORE 

10 things CISOs Need to Know About Zero Trust 

“Reducing the risks of supporting fast-growing hybrid workforces globally while upgrading tech stacks to make them more resilient to attack and less dependent on trust are motivating CISOs to adopt ZTNA. In addition, securing remote, hybrid workforces, launching new digital-first business growth initiatives and enabling virtual partners & suppliers all drive ZTNA demand.” READ MORE 

We Still Haven’t Learned the Major Lesson of the 2013 Target Hack 

“We have read about thousands of data breaches, and the moral of most of these stories boils down to the same thing: The breaches were preventable, but people made blunders. What is quite remarkable about these stories is that they haven’t evolved that much in decades. The same mistakes keep happening again and again. After so many years, and so many laws to regulate data security, why haven’t the stories changed?” READ MORE 

5 Benefits Google Cloud Platform Customers May Get From the Mandiant Acquisition 

“When Google announced its intentions to acquire Mandiant in March, security analysts said Google’s $5.4 billion deal gives the large cloud provider a sought-after edge in security services and threat intelligence, even as it lays to rest earlier claims of independence by Mandiant…. Now that some time has passed, we asked people in the industry how having Mandiant integrated into the Google Cloud Platform will help Google customers. Here’s some insight from the experts…” READ MORE